Book Review: Winning State

Winning State book series

Help your players develop confidence and mental toughness

A big part of your sports skills training business should be helping your athletes develop their mental game.

The Winning State book series was created by Steve Knight to help athletes in various sports. For example, there’s Winning State Softball, Winning State Volleyball, etc.


The book is comprised of several sections:

  • Switch – Get Fierce
  • Narrow – Eliminate Distractions
  • Fuel – Power Your Performance
  • Anticipate – Love The Nerves 
  • Replace – Draw On Success
  • Believe – Win The Battle
  • Dream – Rise Above

Each book has plenty of techniques, drills, and info.

For example, the Narrow section describes ways to make it easy to focus attention so mental and physical energy is not wasted.  

In basketball, this means the player will “compartmentalize” his locations and treat The Locker Room, The Sideline, and The Court as separate places of focus.  

By assigning each of these places a different level of intensity and importance, the player is able to budget his energy so that the impact on The Court (where it matters the most) results in a bigger payoff.

The details are customized to each specific sport, but the framework that they’re built around is solid and is transferable to any sport.

This book is definitely worth getting and incorporating into your training sessions.  Blending these mental aspects along with the physical drills you have will enhance the overall training and help your athletes attain a more holistic mind-body improvement.

To get the book for your specific sport, go to:

NOTE: This review is an unbiased opinion. I do not receive any compensation for recommending these books, nor do I get an affiliate commission if you purchase any of these books.

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